March, 2011

Why Backup? – My Answer

A few weeks ago I posted an entry called “Why Backup?“, I ended that article with a promise that I would give you my answer in a future post. With today being World Backup Day, I figured now would be a good time to share my thoughts as to best reason in the world to make sure you have a solid backup of your data. Some consultants will point to potential cost savings as the number one...

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Three Year Rotation

How often does your business buy new computers? When you do buy new computers, do you replace them all at once? Do you just replace the ones that don’t work right now? What do you do with the old computers? Do you throw them out? Do they get rotated down to other users? Does that mean that only your Management Team gets new computers while the other works have to use hand-me-downs? ...

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Facebook at Work

I love Facebook. I spend a huge amount of time (more than I should) on Facebook everyday. I have two different pages that I keep up to date, my Personal Page and my Business Page. I love to talk to talk trash during March Madness, without getting too obnoxious. I love sharing links to cool websites and YouTube videos. I love keeping up with friends and family that I see only once a year or...

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QR Code? What the heck is a QR Code?

I can’t seem to get QR Codes out of my head recently. Everywhere I look I see a new place that I could and probably should put one of these beautiful, self-contained, advertising wonders. I could put them on my brochures, my business cards, my coffee cups, or even make golf shirts with a QR Code as the logo. Here’s my problem: How many of my clients actually know what a QR Code is? How many...

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DriveSavers Hard Drive Simulator

DriveSavers Data Recovery Service is one of the companies that I’m partnered with. This little gadget is something they provide to their partners to help clients better understand exactly what’s happening when a hard drive crashes. Take a look, play with it, let me know what you think. Also, don’t forget to click on the DriveSavers banner at the bottom of this page to check...

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