April, 2011

Self-Troubleshooting: The Internet Is Down

This is going to be the first in a series of articles that I’m going to post to help people do a little “Self-Troubleshooting”.  Keep in mind that Troubleshooting isn’t necessarily the same thing as problem solving.  If you are able to resolve your issue, that would be a great side effect, but more than anything we’re trying to gather information and find the point...

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Virus Stopping Adobe Flash Player

This post is going to be very specific, mainly because the answer to the issue I was trying to resolve was so incredibly hard to find and piece together. I want to make sure that it’s available somewhere on the internet just in case it comes in handy in the future for anyone facing the same issue. The Issue I was at a client’s office the other day working on various issues and the...

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Four Steps to Avoid ‘Over Socializing’

In a world where we stay connected with friends and family through our computers and the internet, we have created whole new dangers for ourselves. If you go back far enough, you will find there was a time when you could leave your door unlocked when you went out, as long as you knew your neighbor was home. As the suburbs grew, the home defense I know we have all used at least once was created:...

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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Data is Gone

So you’ve bought a new computer and you’ve got all of those most important things moved over to it from your old computer. Things like your Pictures, your iTunes, all of the random Word and Excel files that seem to fill up a My Documents folder, your Quicken files, your Microsoft Money Files, your Email, you know, all the important stuff. Now you’re ready to get rid of your old...

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4 Ways to Speed Up Your PC

It just doesn’t seem fair to me somehow, you buy a new computer and within six months it’s running as slow as your old computer.  How can it be that something that looks so technologically advanced on the outside seems to be running with Hamster-on-a-Wheel power on the inside?  Not even a healthy hamster either, a three legged hamster with crossed eyes.  For the most part people...

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