May, 2011

Friday Fun: Computer Facts

Something a little different for today’s Blog entry; here are a few facts about the world of computers that should surprise even the geekiest among us.  I would be willing to bet that there is at least one thing listed below that you didn’t know before you read this article. CDs are just the right size When the CD was first invented back in 1979, future Sony CEO, Norio Ohga suggested that...

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Strong Passwords – A Numbers Game

What is a Strong Password? A Strong Password is usually defined by a set of characteristics.  If your password possesses each of these characteristics then it would be considered strong. 1. A Strong Password consists of at least 8 characters.  (The more characters the stronger it is.) 2. A Strong Password consists of a combination of Letters (Upper and Lower Case), Numbers, and Common Symbols...

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Self-Troubleshooting: Loud Computer

Remember the first time you powered on your computer.  Right out of the box, you hooked everything up, when you turned it on you heard the faint whirr of the fans running and that was it.  If someone in the room was whispering it would drown out the sounds your computer was making.  What does your computer sound like now?  Does it sound like tiny men with pick-axes are trying to mine the...

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7 Technologies That You Must Upgrade

Businesses are judged in all sorts of ways, most of them completely unrelated to how you actually do business.  Sometimes its the initial hand-shake between customer and business owner, sometimes its the new suit that your salesman is wearing during his pitch, sometimes it’s the way the phone is answered by your receptionist, but what if the first thing potential customers saw of your...

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Self-Troubleshooting: Printers

In all the years that I’ve owned a computer, even back to the time when what I called “my” computer was actually my parents’ computer, there are few things that have remained mostly unchanged.  The one that stands out most in my mind is the Printer.  Sure, they’ve gotten smaller, more streamlined, and new connectors have been added, but the technology is still...

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