June, 2011

Self-Troubleshooting: Simple Fixes

This will be the last entry in the Self-Troubleshooting Series; this time I wanted to touch on a few common issues where the troubleshooting part wasn’t enough to fill up a whole Blog Entry.  There are all kinds of issues that you will run into while working on your computer that will completely baffle you.  They will make you want to pull out your hair or punch your grandmother in the...

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Outlook Auto-Complete

One of the most used and least appreciated functions in Outlook is the Auto-Complete.  It’s so automatic to most people that they don’t even realize they’re using it.  You just type out the first few letters of someone’s name or email address, hit Tab to let Outlook fill in the rest of it, and move on.  Let that little tool stop working however, and now we have a...

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