January, 2012

SOPA – Not Needed In the United States

We’ve proven time and time again that no amount of legislation is going to stop online piracy.  It’s already Illegal and is spelled out very plainly (RIAA – The Law), but it happens ANYWAY. Why? Because as the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there’s a way”. The WILL Depending on whose stats you read, which vary WILDLY (yes, “Statistics lie and liars use statistics”)...

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Hard Drives In Decline

Has anyone else noticed that the quality of Hard Drives bought in the last 2 years or so is severely lacking?  Probably not, right?  I mean, I’m the computer guy; it’s my job to notice these things.  Well, notice I have!  Hard Drives used to be tanks; they were 3 lbs of steel and electronics.  I once saw a guy take a Hard Drive that wouldn’t boot and beat it on a counter,...

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Tricky Technology Terms: Tablets

  This will hopefully be the first of several articles covering technology terms that can be kind of confusing to people. I am hoping I can use this series to help people understand what it is they are looking at, listening to and buying. There is nothing worse than buying something from the big tech store in your town and then having to ask the little seventeen year old tech snob behind a...

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