Anonymous Hacks GoDaddy

Posted on Sep 10, 2012 in News

Anonymous is Hurting Small Business

One of the great things about a blog is the ability to share information without having to keep my feelings and opinions out of my articles like I would if this were a news site.  Today the hacker group, Anonymous, or one of its members, brought down the Web Hosting giant GoDaddy.  This attack has affected millions of websites, but more than that it’s taken down file servers, databases, and email all hosted at GoDaddy.  Anonymous is an anarchistic and highly dispersed group of users from various forums and message boards across the internet and across the globe.  Wikipedia refers to them as Hacktavists…but that just makes them sound like their doing something good for the world and we don’t understand it yet.

What started out as a group of computer users just trying to see what they could get away with has turned into a modern day by cyber vigilante group. While the real reason for the attack has yet to be revealed, the common consensus is that this ties back to GoDaddy’s one time endorsement of the SOPA Bill that was eventually shelved in the hopes of finding a piracy solution that wouldn’t trample all over people’s rights to their own intellectual properties.  If that’s the case then feelings are mixed over how Anonymous is handing out their own brand of justice.

I have worked with several Web Developers over the years, one of them, Derek Price, had this to say in a recent Facebook discussion:

If they [GoDaddy] really supported SOPA and PIPA, they deserve to be punished in some way, but Anon’s actions are hurting a lot of small businesses, too. They think they’re modern day Robin Hoods. While I believe they’ve done a few good things, I wouldn’t go that far.

Others aren’t quite so friendly.  Mike Morgan, a regular contributor to this blog added his own two cents:

 I love when criminals see themselves as heroes. Cyber terrorists are still terrorists.

I find myself on the not-so-friendly side of things.  In my mind this is just bullying.  Someone had the gall to disagree with Anonymous and they were beaten up for it.  The problem is that GoDaddy isn’t the only one that suffers.  Small businesses that rely on website traffic to generate leads, and eventually income, have taken the larger hit.  GoDaddy has people on staff to handle these emergencies, what about the little guy that might still not know what’s really happening and why?

I’d love to know where you stand, leave your comments below.

Dennis Edmondson
Computing Concepts LLC

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