Hard Drives In Decline

Has anyone else noticed that the quality of Hard Drives bought in the last 2 years or so is severely lacking?  Probably not, right?  I mean, I’m the computer guy; it’s my job to notice these things.  Well, notice I have!  Hard Drives used to be tanks; they were 3 lbs of steel and electronics.  I once saw a guy take a Hard Drive that wouldn’t boot and beat it on a counter,...

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SOPA and Protect IP

If I told you that there is battle being waged with Microsoft in one corner and Google in the other, you wouldn’t be horribly surprised.  If I were to tell you that John McCain supports one side and Nancy Pelosi supports the other, you still wouldn’t think anything of it.  What if I were to tell you that on the side of Microsoft and John McCain is ultra-liberal, Minnesota Democrat, Al...

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Sitting Down is Killing Us

Read this InfoGraphic from Medical Billing and Coding.  I’d love to hear your comments.  If you don’t think this is a relevant post on a Blog about Business Technology, then please feel free to tell me why. Via: Medical Billing And...

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