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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Data is Gone

So you’ve bought a new computer and you’ve got all of those most important things moved over to it from your old computer. Things like your Pictures, your iTunes, all of the random Word and Excel files that seem to fill up a My Documents folder, your Quicken files, your Microsoft Money Files, your Email, you know, all the important stuff. Now you’re ready to get rid of your old...

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4 Ways to Speed Up Your PC

It just doesn’t seem fair to me somehow, you buy a new computer and within six months it’s running as slow as your old computer.  How can it be that something that looks so technologically advanced on the outside seems to be running with Hamster-on-a-Wheel power on the inside?  Not even a healthy hamster either, a three legged hamster with crossed eyes.  For the most part people...

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The Epsilon Breach

Over the past week there has been a lot of coverage in news about the recent Epsilon Email Breach.  Epsilon is a Marketing Firm that services over 2500 clients, the list includes some pretty big names; Kroger, JPMorgan Chase, City Bank, US Bank, Home Shopping Network, and Mariott Rewards.  On April 1st, Epsilon posted a Press Release stating that their systems had been compromised and that a...

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3 Handy Excel Tips and Tricks

Out of all of the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite, I think I like Excel the most.  I get more use out of that one program than probably any other application on my computer with the exception of Internet Explorer.  I will use Excel for keeping lists of items, keeping running totals of expenses, balancing my checkbook, and even tracking my stats in Golf.  I’ve come up with a short...

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Why Backup? – My Answer

A few weeks ago I posted an entry called “Why Backup?“, I ended that article with a promise that I would give you my answer in a future post. With today being World Backup Day, I figured now would be a good time to share my thoughts as to best reason in the world to make sure you have a solid backup of your data. Some consultants will point to potential cost savings as the number one...

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Three Year Rotation

How often does your business buy new computers? When you do buy new computers, do you replace them all at once? Do you just replace the ones that don’t work right now? What do you do with the old computers? Do you throw them out? Do they get rotated down to other users? Does that mean that only your Management Team gets new computers while the other works have to use hand-me-downs? ...

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