QR Code? What the heck is a QR Code?

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 in Small Business

I can’t seem to get QR Codes out of my head recently. Everywhere I look I see a new place that I could and probably should put one of these beautiful, self-contained, advertising wonders. I could put them on my brochures, my business cards, my coffee cups, or even make golf shirts with a QR Code as the logo. Here’s my problem: How many of my clients actually know what a QR Code is? How many of my potential clients know what a QR Code is? How many people reading this article even know what a QR Code is?

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I can at least do something about the last question. For those of you that don’t know, a QR Code (or Quick Response Code) is basically a two dimensional bar code. Using your smart phone (for most people around me that means iPhone or Droid) you snap a quick picture of the QR Code, run it though an app (basically a bar code scanner), and it does any number of things. Some codes will import contact information directly into your device. Some codes will take you to a website with an advertisement for a business. In Japan they are putting QR Codes on heads of lettuce so that you can find out when and where it was grown. Click Here for proof.

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QR Codes can take you to Google Maps, they can start an email, they can start a phone call, they can be used to get bonus content on CDs and DVDs, and they can be used on restaurant menus to give you the recipe for the entrée that you just ordered. Are you starting to get the picture? No, okay then, Best Buy and Home Depotare putting QR Codes on their tags in the stores so that users can scan the code and go get reviews or product specs on the item that they are thinking about buying. Some Cracker Jack boxes no longer have a prize in the box, they have a label with a QR Code that you scan to redeem your digital prize.

If you read about QR Codes online you would think that every time you turn around a new code will be right in your face. Where are they? I’ve been making a concerted effort to keep my eyes open for these codes everywhere I go…nothing. I haven’t seen a single one! I feel like I’ve jumped on a bandwagon with no wheels. At the same time, I know that there must be a use for these things. There must be a way that I can use them to bring in more clients and then help those clients implement the codes themselves to grow their own businesses.

Give me your ideas. Click on the links in this article and read what others are doing with QR Codes in their own businesses. How can they help your business? How can they help my business? Is this a Geek Fad or will this take off and be everywhere in the next year or two? What do you think?

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