SEO Tips: Update Regularly

Posted on Sep 13, 2012 in Small Business

Many times your website is the first introduction to your company that a potential client has, but to make that introduction you have to be found.  To be found you need to make Google happy somehow, from the myriad of other sites for businesses just like yours, you need to stand out.  I’m publishing a series of tips that will help to get your site moved farther up the list on all search engines, but specifically Google.

Today’s Tip – Update Regularly
Google hates a stagnant website.  If your website remains unchanged for even a few weeks then you can be passed up on the search list by competitors that are offering up fresh content on a regular basis.  If possible something should be updated, replaced, or posted everyday on your site.  Google randomly searches (or crawls) the internet looking for changes at which point sites are indexed and compared to current indexes.  If Google has to constantly re-index your site because it’s being changed, then they see your site as an active source of information.  That earns you points on the Google scale.

That Sounds Like a Lot of Work
You don’t have to write a 7 page essay everyday to be re-indexed.  Update your photos, reword your About Us page, make some changes to your services.  All of these things will cause your site to be different enough that Google will see that it’s in motion.  That being said, new content is the best.  Blog Posts, Press Releases, and Event/Special Announcements will get you the biggest boost in your ranking.

Prepare Content in Advance
Finally, the easiest way to make sure your website is getting updated is to make sure you have content ready to go in advance.  One example of this is doing a series of posts related to one topic and spacing the publication out over several days or weeks, like maybe a series on SEO Tips or a series about your year old daughter.  You can write all of the articles in advance and then publish them when you’re ready for your next update.   Write when you have time to write and save the content for later.

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Dennis Edmondson Jr
Computing Concepts LLC


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