Smart Phone

Computer Tricks From a 1 Year Old: Smarter than the Smart Phone

Abigail says, “Wait, your phone is locked.  That’s supposed to stop me?  My generation was practically born Smart Phone in hand.” My wife and I and two couple-friends all had daughters born within about 6 weeks of each other.  Emma is the oldest, Abigail (pictured and quoted above) is next, and Rachel is the youngest.  All three girls are now over a year old have become the...

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Review: My First Smart Phone

I have resisted the urge to purchase a Smart Phone for years now.  Even when peer pressure was at its strongest (“All the cool kids are doing it”) I was able to stand firm and stick with my basic cell phone.  After all, a Smart Phone is just a Gameboy that you can talk into, right? Recently though, I came to a realization:  I have to have access to certain things while I’m...

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