Tech in the Deep Freeze, Pt 1.

Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in Computer Fun, News

Tech in the Deep Freeze, Pt 1.

Too Cold for Me
It was a brisk 3 degrees when I woke up this morning.  My mind and body are completely unable to comprehend that number in terms of temperature.  As far as I can tell, it’s just colder than I want it to be and I should be sleeping comfortably in my bed waiting for it to all go away.  How is it possible for anything to function in this kind of cold?  Funny you should ask that, Reader-Inside-My-Head…some things aren’t designed to work in this kind of cold or even a cold less bitter.

Too Cold for Tech?
Did you know that for the iPhone 5s, Apple recommends an ambient temperature no lower than 32 degrees for normal use?  Even when it’s turned off they don’t want you to let it get below -4 degrees.  The Microsoft Surface is recommended to be used at 41 degrees or higher, but they give you a bit of leeway when it’s powered off; you can go as low as -104.  A very generic Dell Latitude will operate above -20 degrees and still be okay, but since Lithium Ion batteries don’t handle the cold very well either, you’ll be lucky to get much use out of it before it dies on you.  All of these are very common for people to have on them at all times and we rarely think about what we’re doing to our tech by asking it to perform outside of its comfort zone.

No where on any of these sites does it say what will happen if you don’t follow their recommendations.  It’s doubtful that you’ll do any serious or long term damage to your devices if you have to use them for a few minutes out in the cold, but just like people, these devices operate better at a higher temperature.

Dennis Edmondson
Computing Concepts LLC

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