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Posted on Jan 13, 2014 in News, Small Business

A few weeks ago we were working on a desktop that needed a new hard drive. So, we made an Image of the existing one (80G) and once we received the new hard drive we put the old drive image onto the new drive (750G). The issue came after the re-image when we recognized the new HD showed only having 80G instead of 750G. I needed to find a program that would fix this issue. Dennis told me about a program called ExtPart.

ExtPart is a Dell Utility that takes any unallocated space that you might have and allows you to add it into an already partitioned volume. What this is really saying is that it takes any unallocated space and allows you to expand a windows boot volume (i.e. c: drive). You can only add space to the partition if there is free space available on the disk directly after the partition that you wish to extend. Example below:

Disk Partitions

The one setback with ExtPart is that it is an older program from Dell and is not compatible with 64 bit systems. If you are currently working with anything besides 64 bit then you shouldn’t have any problems installing this program, otherwise there is a simple work-around that you can do: Install 7Zip – Download 7Zip and use that to install ExtPart. Once you get this installed on a 64 bit system then you should have no problems running the software.

You can click this link to download both the ExtPart.exe –  Download ExtPart

Below are the steps involved in using ExtPart:

Open Command Prompt

1) From the Start Menu select Run (or begin typing into the search option).

2) Type ‘cmd’ and hit Enter to run the command line utility.

3) Change directories to c:\dell\ExtPart or the location the utility extpart.exe was extracted.

Running ExtPart

4) Enter in the following command that will allow you to change the size of your selected partition:

·         extpart [volume size]

·         volume – the volume to extend. Example – c:, f:, g:, etc (only basic volumes)

·         size – the size in megabytes by which to extend the volume.


To extend the C: volume by 1 GB (1024 MB) use the following command:

extpart C: 1024

Once you do this you will be a message telling you that your command has been completed. You can continue to do this until you are satisfied with the added space OR if you know the amount that is available go ahead and do it all at once. Either way it should work just the same.

I would have never known about this except for Dennis who explained that there are little known treasures out there just waiting to be found. The trick is finding them, and once you do, never letting them go.

Ryan McCafferty
Computing Concepts LLC

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Please explain how you use 7-Zip to get the file to execute on a 64 bit system. I have tried with no success.